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Kev 2 years ago
Bruh, im comfortable with what i got and no homo but this mf hung man
2 years ago
Coke Bottle? Nah man. This motherfucker brought Arnold's bicep to the pussy. Dear lord. That woman is giving birth with every thrust.
Shit's gonna be so loose the baby is going to slide right out during labor.
No epidural needed.
Ben 2 years ago
It's a dildo.
Db dr 2 years ago
His hands r white fake little dick ass
That isnt cool at all 2 years ago
you can tell she doesnt even like it
chuck 2 years ago
its fake
FreePremiumP 2 years ago
You stupid MFs. That's a dildo. Watch how it's bouncing around at the end.
Ouch 2 years ago
That has to hurt
Hank 2 years ago
Mr Hankeys toy Ray Diesel dildo that is
Oh no 2 years ago
Well at least when she retires from from the porn industry. She can moonlight as mule for cartels.